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Flow capacity 60 l/h ... 1.500 l/h                                                       CVD1


                                                                                                      Price [EUR]
           Protective cabinet                                                                            s
                Heating for protective cabinet                                                           s

                Lighting for protective cabinet                                                          s

           Splash guard  (removable)                                                                     s

                                                         Galvanized steel                                s
           Framework for loor mounting
                                                         Plastic                                         s

                                                         without WHG-approval                            s
           Leckage sensor
                                                         with WHG-approval                               s

           Shut-off valve for emptying of the drip pan                                                   s

                                                        RF-Pump                                          s

           Terminal box                                 C-Pump           up to 0,37 kW                   s
                                                        C-Pump           from 0,75 kW                    s

                                                        C-Pump           up to 0,37 kW                   s
           Terminal box
           (with power socket)
                                                        C-Pump           from 0,75 kW                    s

                                                        Shockproof socket (C-pumps)                      s
           Power socket
           (each pump)
                                                        CEE power socket (C-pumps with compact drive)    s

           ON-/OFF-Switch                               409.2/410.2                                      s
           (not in association with terminal box or power socket)

           Protective roof for driving motor                                                             s

           Further accessories on request

              l   basic version  m   available without extra charge  s   available with extra charge  5   not available  &    on request  11
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